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Necklace Soo Hot Chili with Large Orange Pepper, Blue Cord and Pyrite Beads

  • Soo Hot Chili Collection
  • Large Orange Chili Pepper
  • Lacquered Brass
  • 80cm Red Cord with Pyrite beads


An elegant necklace from Soo Hot Chili Collection with ceramic lacquered large orange chili pepper pendant and 80cm long blue cord with pyrite beads.

Hindus believed that chili peppers cleanse home of bad spirits and bring good luck. Also, chili peppers are considered the ‘demon’s spice’ in southern Italy with locals using them for personal protection or to protect their belongings from the evil eye and gossipers.

Inspiration of this small collection comes from real peppers, part of a design project where nature is being transformed to jewelry.

Soo hot chili!




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