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About Maria

About Maria

Maria Kaprili-Jewelry designer

Maria Kaprili has over 20 years of experience working as a jewelry expert and designer. Her childhood passion for creating jewelry led her to begin her journey by studying at the Mokume Silversmith and Jewelry Design School, in her hometown of Thessaloniki. She later expanded her studies in Gemology and Diamontology at Gem-A, The Gemological Association of Great Britain and trained in Antique Jewelry at Sotheby’s in London. Upon finishing her studies, she returned to teach for 4 years at the Mokume school as the start to her outstanding career.

Subsequently, she began designing and producing fine jewelry exclusively amongst special orders and customized pieces throughout Europe. In 2014, Maria launched her own brand reflecting the precious jewels alongside her charismatic and contemporary style. Her first small collection included protection emblems made with her modern bohemian chic amulets, either oversized or provocatively minimal characterized by the multicolor stones and sheen of the metal. These elements have been further developed throughout her collections and are a defining concept of the MARIA KAPRILI brand. Maria combines her specialized expertise in craftsmanship and uniqueness by personally creating each piece of her incredible jewelry.

In 2016, the first flagship store MARIA KAPRILI opened in the heart of Athens in Kolonaki. The store offers a breadth of elegant designs while at the same time presents to the customers an overall view at how everything comes to life by having her atelier and design studio in the shop as well. Aside from providing her impeccable jewelry, as Maria is a natural teacher, she is also providing an opportunity to the customers to learn from her expertise and deep knowledge of the industry.

In 2017, the MARIA KAPRILI brand designed the exclusive award for the Sabanci Foundation for the Short Film Platform for Women Refugees in Istanbul which took place in January. It was an honor for Maria to have been selected to support such a great cause.

Currently, Maria is expanding her presence throughout Greece and Europe carefully selecting the partners in line with her charismatic and contemporary style and distinguishing aesthetic. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her combination of the classic goldsmith approach with a modern flare set her apart.

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