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Necklace Money-Money With Enameled Large Double Circle Coin and 80cm Sterling Silver Chain

  • Money-Money
  • Large Double Circle Coin
  • Lacquered Brass
  • 80cm Sterling Silver Chain


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This is an elegant necklace with ceramic lacquered large double circle coin pendant and 80cm sterling silver chain.

The Money-Money Collection was created after I inherited a vast coin collection from a beloved uncle who spent years traveling around the world collecting coins. The idea to rejuvenate the life of these coins in a modern and refreshing way was born.

The innovative technique using electrostatic color to coat the coins provides an impactful and artistic way of individuality to every piece created resulting in a unique and fresh result. Each coin case is carefully hand-crafted in silver corresponding to the character of the coin details and revitalizing them to relate to the individuality of each person who wears it.

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